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Snomoette and the Glitter Fairies, an unusual children's picture storybook, marries the fantastical world of fairies with the doubly "cool" rugged and natural beauty of snowmobiling. The snowmobilers and the fairies love nature, weather, fashion, anything that glitters, and finding new friends.The fashionable Campbell Mountain Glitter Fairies sleuth strange noises which leave tracks on the snowy trails.

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Copyright (C) 2012

Background illustrations are graphics by the author from photos of actual snowmobile excursions

on Campbell Mountain in the beautiful Catskill Park Forest Preserve in Downsville, New York.

"Yes, that's a sillouette of me on my snowmobile on the cover!

Please contact me for live readings via the Internet at your school or function! You will see the illustration pages as I read," Dayette.

Children's book about snowmobiling, professionally illustrated by Sara Alexander Munoz, with photography by Thomas R. Zampolin. 

High quality - Glossy - Smyth-sewn - Case-bound - 6"x9" - Printed in USA.

Text and graphics: Dayette J. Zampolin.                   

              Illustrations:  Sara Alexander Munoz. (Click on Sara to visit.)

                                                         Photography: Thomas R. Zampolin.                                                                                   

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                                                       SAFE TRAILS AND SWEET DREAMS!  TO BREATHE, PERCHANCE TO RIDE!


    Visit the Downsville Diner, 15185 Route 30 in Downsville, New York. 607-363-7678.

Enjoy the fare.

At the diner, you can purchase Snomoette and Sparkie Wyk, Dayette's other fantasy book for children, too!





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